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April 2, 2023
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The Florida Statutes

The 2000 Florida Statutes

Title IX
Chapter 101
Voting Methods And Procedure
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Chapter 101, Florida Statutes 2000



101.001  Precincts and polling places; boundaries.

101.002  Use of system by municipalities.

101.011  Voting by paper ballot.

101.015  Standards for voting systems.

101.017  Bureau of Voting Systems Certification.

101.021  Elector to vote the primary ballot of the political party in which he or she is registered.

101.031  Instructions for electors.

101.041  Secret voting.

101.045  Electors must be registered in precinct; provisions for residence or name change.

101.051  Electors seeking assistance in casting ballots; oath to be executed; forms to be furnished.

101.111  Person desiring to vote may be challenged; challenger to execute oath; oath of challenged elector; determination of challenge.

101.131  Watchers at polls.

101.141  Specifications for primary election ballot.

101.151  Specifications for general election ballot.

101.161  Referenda; ballots.

101.171  Copy of constitutional amendment to be posted.

101.181  Form of primary ballot.

101.191  Form of general election ballot.

101.20  Publication of ballot form; sample ballots.

101.21  Official ballots; number; printing; payment.

101.22  Voting procedure, paper ballots.

101.23  Election inspector to keep list of those voting.

101.24  Ballot boxes and ballots.

101.251  Information which supervisor of elections must print on ballots.

101.2515  Translation of ballot language.

101.252  Candidates entitled to have names printed on certain ballots; exception.

101.253  When names not to be printed on ballot.

101.254  When nominated names to appear in groups or districts.

101.27  Voting machine ballots.

101.28  Requirements for voting machines.

101.29  Providing machines; payment for same.

101.292  Definitions; ss. 101.292-101.295.

101.293  Competitive sealed bids and proposals required.

101.294  Purchase and sale of voting equipment.

101.295  Penalties for violation.

101.32  Adoption of voting machines; powers incident to adoption.

101.33  Number of electors for each machine.

101.34  Custody of voting machines.

101.341  Prohibited activities by voting machine custodians and deputy custodians.

101.35  Preparation of voting machines; notice of sealing and preelection test.

101.36  Voting machines or electronic or electromechanical voting; when used.

101.37  Location of voting machines.

101.38  Disposition of voting machine keys immediately following an election.

101.39  Voting machines, sealing curtains.

101.40  Voting machine out of order.

101.43  Substitute ballot.

101.445  Write-in ballots.

101.45  Election board opening polls.

101.46  Instruction to electors before election.

101.47  Requirements before elector enters voting machine booth.

101.49  Procedure of election officers where signatures differ.

101.51  Electors to occupy booth alone; time allowed.

101.54  Tabulation of vote and proclamation of results, where voting machine used.

101.545  Retention and destruction of certain election materials.

101.55  Certificate of results.

101.56  Locking machine; returning write-in ballots.

101.5601  Short title.

101.5602  Purpose.

101.5603  Definitions relating to Electronic Voting Systems Act.

101.5604  Adoption of system; procurement of equipment; commercial tabulations.

101.5605  Examination and approval of equipment.

101.5606  Requirements for approval of systems.

101.5607  Department of State to maintain voting system information; prepare software.

101.5608  Voting by electronic or electromechanical method; procedures.

101.5609  Ballot requirements.

101.5610  Inspection of ballot by election board.

101.5611  Instructions to electors.

101.5612  Testing of tabulating equipment.

101.5613  Examination of equipment during voting.

101.5614  Canvass of returns.

101.5615  Recounts and election contests.

101.572  Public inspection of ballots.

101.58  Supervising and observing registration and election processes.

101.591  Voting system audit.

101.6101  Short title.

101.6102  Mail ballot elections; limitations.

101.6103  Mail ballot election procedure.

101.6104  Challenge of votes.

101.6105  Absentee voting.

101.6106  Application of other election laws.

101.6107  Department of State to adopt rules.

101.62  Request for absentee ballots.

101.635  Distribution of blocks of printed ballots.

101.64  Delivery of absentee ballots; envelopes; form.

101.647  Return of absentee ballots.

101.65  Instructions to absent electors.

101.655  Supervised voting by absent electors in certain facilities.

101.657  Voting absentee ballots in person.

101.661  Voting absentee ballots.

101.663  Electors; change of residence.

101.665  Administration of oaths; military personnel, federal employees, and other absentee registrants.

101.67  Safekeeping of mailed ballots; deadline for receiving absentee ballots.

101.68  Canvassing of absentee ballot.

101.685  Absentee ballot coordinators.

101.69  Voting in person; return of absentee ballot.

101.694  Mailing of ballots upon receipt of federal postcard application.

101.71  Polling place.

101.715  Accessibility of polling places to the elderly and physically handicapped.

101.72  Booths.

101.731  Short title.

101.732  Definitions relating to Elections Emergency Act.

101.733  Election emergency; purpose; elections emergency contingency plan.

101.74  Temporary change of polling place in case of emergency.

101.75  Municipal elections; change of dates for cause.