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The Florida Statutes

The 2001 Florida Statutes

Public Lands And Property
Chapter 255
Public Property And Publicly Owned Buildings
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Chapter 255, Florida Statutes 2001



255.01  Proceeds of insurance may be used to replace property destroyed.

255.02  Boards authorized to replace buildings destroyed by fire.

255.03  Proceeds of insurance to be paid into State Treasury; disbursement of funds.

255.04  Preference to home industries in building public buildings.

255.041  Separate specifications for building contracts.

255.042  Shelter in public buildings.

255.043  Art in state buildings.

255.045  Cleanup after events held on public property.

255.047  Publicly owned or operated convention centers, sports stadiums, sports arenas, coliseums, or auditoriums; booking business records; confidentiality.

255.05  Bond of contractor constructing public buildings; form; action by materialmen.

255.051  Public bids; check or draft as good faith deposit.

255.0515  Bids for state contracts; substitution of subcontractors.

255.0516  Bid protests by educational boards.

255.052  Substitution of securities for amounts retained on public contracts.

255.0525  Advertising for competitive bids or proposals.

255.071  Payment of subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, materialmen, and suppliers on construction contracts for public projects.

255.101  Contracts for public construction works; utilization of minority business enterprises.

255.102  Contractor utilization of minority business enterprises.

255.20  Local bids and contracts for public construction works; specification of state-produced lumber.

255.21  Special facilities for physically disabled.

255.211  Special symbol may be displayed.

255.22  Reconveyance of lands not used for purpose specified.

255.248  Definitions; ss. 255.249 and 255.25.

255.249  Department of Management Services; responsibility; department rules.

255.25  Approval required prior to construction or lease of buildings.

255.25001  Suspension or delay of specified functions, programs, and requirements relating to governmental operations.

255.2501  Lease of space financed with local government obligations.

255.2502  Contracts which require annual appropriation; contingency statement.

255.2503  Contracts for lease of buildings; prohibited provisions.

255.251  Energy Conservation in Buildings Act; short title.

255.252  Findings and intent.

255.253  Definitions; ss. 255.251-255.258.

255.254  No facility constructed or leased without life-cycle costs.

255.255  Life-cycle costs.

255.256  Energy performance index.

255.257  Energy management; buildings occupied by state agencies.

255.258  Shared savings financing of energy conservation in state-owned buildings.

255.259  Xeriscape landscaping on public property.

255.28  Department authority to acquire land with or for facility thereon.

255.29  Construction contracts; department rules.

255.30  Fixed capital outlay projects; department rules; delegation of supervisory authority; delegation of responsibility for accounting records.

255.31  Authority to the Department of Management Services to manage construction projects for state and local governments.

255.40  Use of asbestos in new public buildings or buildings newly constructed for lease to governmental entities; prohibition.

255.45  Correction of firesafety violations in certain state-owned property.

255.451  Electronic firesafety and security system.

255.501  Building and Facilities Act; short title.

255.502  Definitions; ss. 255.501-255.525.

255.503  Powers of the Department of Management Services.

255.504  Use of facilities.

255.505  Creation of the pool.

255.506  Facilities in pool.

255.507  Determination of qualified facilities.

255.508  Participation in pool.

255.509  Request for advisory statement.

255.51  Determination of rental rates.

255.511  Factors to be considered in establishing rental rates.

255.513  Powers of the Division of Bond Finance and the Department of Management Services.

255.514  Division of Bond Finance; revenue bonds.

255.515  Issuance of obligations by the division.

255.516  Security for payment of obligations.

255.517  Anticipation obligations.

255.518  Obligations; purpose, terms, approval, limitations.

255.519  Variable rate obligations.

255.52  Approval by State Board of Administration.

255.521  Failure of payment.

255.522  State and political subdivisions not liable on obligations.

255.523  Exemption from taxes.

255.524  Obligations issued constitute legal investments.

255.525  Inconsistent provisions of other laws superseded.

255.551  Definitions; ss. 255.551-255.565.

255.552  Asbestos management program.

255.553  Survey required.

255.5535  Exemptions from asbestos survey requirements.

255.555  Records.

255.556  Asbestos assessment.

255.557  Operation and maintenance plans.

255.558  Conflict of interest.

255.559  Liability of asbestos consultants; indemnification and hold-harmless agreements.

255.56  Insurance.

255.561  Safety requirements.

255.562  Project completion.

255.563  Rules; Department of Labor and Employment Security.