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The Florida Statutes

The 2006 Florida Statutes

Chapter 620
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Chapter 620, Part II, Florida Statutes 2006



620.81001  Uniformity of application and construction.

620.81002  Short title.

620.8101  Definitions.

620.8102  Knowledge and notice.

620.8103  Effect of partnership agreement; nonwaivable provisions.

620.8104  Supplemental principles of law.

620.8105  Execution, filing, and recording of partnership registration and other statements.

620.81055  Fees for filing documents and issuing certificates; powers of the Department of State.

620.8106  Governing law.

620.8107  Partnership subject to amendment or repeal of act.

620.8201  Partnership as entity.

620.8202  Formation of partnership.

620.8203  Partnership property.

620.8204  When property is partnership property.

620.8301  Partner agent of partnership.

620.8302  Transfer of partnership property.

620.8303  Statement of partnership authority.

620.8304  Statement of denial.

620.8305  Partnership liable for partner's actionable conduct.

620.8306  Partner's liability.

620.8307  Actions by and against partnership and partners.

620.8308  Liability of purported partner.

620.8401  Partner's rights and duties.

620.8402  Distributions in kind.

620.8403  Partner's rights and duties with respect to information.

620.8404  General standards of partner's conduct.

620.8405  Actions by partnership and partners.

620.8406  Continuation of partnership beyond definite term or particular undertaking.

620.8501  Partner not coowner of partnership property.

620.8502  Partner's transferable interest in partnership.

620.8503  Transfer of partner's transferable interest.

620.8504  Partner's transferable interest subject to charging order.

620.8601  Events causing partner's dissociation.

620.8602  Partner's power to dissociate; wrongful dissociation.

620.8603  Effect of partner's dissociation.

620.8701  Purchase of dissociated partner's interest.

620.8702  Dissociated partner's power to bind and liability to partnership.

620.8703  Dissociated partner's liability to other persons.

620.8704  Statement of dissociation.

620.8705  Continued use of partnership name.

620.8801  Events causing dissolution and winding up of partnership business.

620.8802  Partnership continues after dissolution.

620.8803  Right to wind up partnership business.

620.8804  Partner's power to bind partnership after dissolution.

620.8805  Statement of dissolution.

620.8806  Partner's liability to other partners after dissolution.

620.8807  Settlement of accounts and contributions among partners.

620.8911  Definitions.

620.8912  Conversion.

620.8913  Action on plan of conversion by converting partnership.

620.8914  Filings required for conversion; effective date.

620.8915  Effect of conversion.

620.8916  Merger.

620.8917  Action on plan of merger by constituent partnership.

620.8918  Filings required for merger; effective date.

620.8919  Effect of merger.

620.8920  Restrictions on approval of conversions and mergers and on relinquishing limited liability partnership status.

620.8921  Liability of a partner after conversion or merger.

620.8922  Power of partners and persons dissociated as partners to bind organization after conversion or merger.

620.8923  Application of other laws to provisions governing conversions and mergers.

620.9001  Statement of qualification.

620.9002  Name.

620.9003  Annual report.

620.9101  Law governing foreign limited liability partnership.

620.9102  Statement of foreign qualification.

620.9103  Effect of failure to qualify.

620.9104  Activities not constituting transacting business.

620.9105  Action by Attorney General.

620.9901  Applicability.

620.9902  Saving clause.