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The Florida Statutes

The 2001 Florida Statutes

Chapter 627
Insurance Rates And Contracts
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Chapter 627, Part VI, Florida Statutes 2001



627.601  Scope of this part.

627.602  Scope, format of policy.

627.603  Death benefits.

627.604  Nonresident insured.

627.6041  Handicapped children; continuation of coverage.

627.6043  Notification of cancellation, nonrenewal, or change in rates.

627.6044  Use of a specific methodology for payment of claims.

627.6045  Preexisting condition.

627.605  Required provisions; captions, omissions, substitutions.

627.6056  Coverage for ambulatory surgical center service.

627.606  Entire contract; changes.

627.607  Time limit on certain defenses.

627.608  Grace period.

627.609  Reinstatement.

627.610  Notice of claim.

627.611  Claim forms.

627.612  Proof of loss.

627.613  Time of payment of claims.

627.614  Payment of claims.

627.6141  Denial of claims.

627.615  Physical examination, autopsy.

627.616  Legal actions.

627.617  Change of beneficiary.

627.618  Optional policy provisions.

627.619  Change of occupation.

627.620  Misstatement of age or sex.

627.621  Other insurance with this insurer.

627.622  Insurance with other insurers.

627.623  Insurance with other insurers; other benefits.

627.624  Relation of earnings to insurance.

627.625  Unpaid premiums.

627.6265  Cancellation or nonrenewal prohibited.

627.627  Conformity with statutes.

627.628  Illegal occupation.

627.629  Intoxicants and narcotics.

627.630  Order of certain provisions.

627.631  Third-party ownership.

627.632  Requirements of other jurisdictions.

627.633  Other policy provisions.

627.634  Age limit.

627.635  Excess insurance.

627.636  Industrial health insurance.

627.637  Construction of noncomplying contracts.

627.638  Direct payment for hospital, medical services.

627.639  Application signed by agent.

627.640  Filing of classifications and rates.

627.6401  Refunds for persons age 64.

627.6403  Payment of acupuncture benefits to certified acupuncturists.

627.6406  Maternity care.

627.6407  Massage.

627.6408  Diabetes treatment services.

627.6409  Coverage for osteoporosis screening, diagnosis, treatment, and management.

627.641  Coverage for newborn children.

627.6415  Coverage for natural-born, adopted, and foster children; children in insured's custodial care.

627.6416  Coverage for child health supervision services.

627.6417  Coverage for surgical procedures and devices incident to mastectomy.

627.64171  Coverage for length of stay and outpatient postsurgical care.

627.64172  Requirements with respect to breast cancer and routine followup care.

627.6418  Coverage for mammograms.

627.6419  Requirements with respect to breast cancer.

627.64193  Required coverage for cleft lip and cleft palate.

627.642  Outline of coverage.

627.6425  Renewability of individual coverage.

627.643  Uniform minimum standards.

627.644  Discrimination against handicapped prohibited.

627.645  Denial of health insurance claims restricted.

627.646  Conversion on termination of eligibility.

627.647  Standard health claim form.

627.6471  Contracts for reduced rates of payment; limitations; coinsurance and deductibles.

627.6472  Exclusive provider organizations.

627.64725  Health maintenance organization or exclusive provider organization; disclosure of terms and conditions of plan.

627.6473  Combined preferred provider and exclusive provider policies.

627.6474  Provider contracts.

627.6475  Individual reinsurance pool.

627.648  Florida Comprehensive Health Association Act.

627.6482  Definitions.

627.6484  Termination of enrollment; availability of other coverage.

627.6486  Eligibility.

627.6487  Guaranteed availability of individual health insurance coverage to eligible individuals.

627.64871  Certification of coverage.

627.6488  Florida Comprehensive Health Association.

627.6489  Disease Management Program.

627.649  Administrator.

627.6492  Participation of insurers.

627.6494  Assessments; deferment, limitation.

627.6496  Issuing of policies.

627.6498  Minimum benefits coverage; exclusions; premiums; deductibles.

627.6499  Reporting by insurers and third-party administrators.