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The Florida Statutes

The 2001 Florida Statutes

Chapter 641
Health Care Service Programs
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Chapter 641, Part I, Florida Statutes 2001



641.17  Short title.

641.18  Declaration of legislative intent, findings, and purposes.

641.183  Statutory accounting procedures; transition provisions.

641.185  Health maintenance organization subscriber protections.

641.19  Definitions.

641.201  Applicability of other laws.

641.2011  Insurance holding companies.

641.2015  Incorporation required.

641.2017  Insurance business not authorized.

641.2018  Limited coverage for home health care authorized.

641.20185  High-deductible contracts for medical savings accounts.

641.21  Application for certificate.

641.215  Conditions precedent to issuance or maintenance of certificate of authority; effect of bankruptcy proceedings.

641.217  Minority recruitment and retention plans required.

641.22  Issuance of certificate of authority.

641.221  Continued eligibility for certificate of authority.

641.225  Surplus requirements.

641.2261  Application of federal solvency requirements to provider-sponsored organizations.

641.227  Rehabilitation Administrative Expense Fund.

641.228  Florida Health Maintenance Organization Consumer Assistance Plan.

641.23  Revocation or cancellation of certificate of authority; suspension of enrollment of new subscribers; terms of suspension.

641.234  Administrative, provider, and management contracts.

641.2342  Contract providers.

641.25  Administrative penalty in lieu of suspension or revocation.

641.255  Acquisition, merger, or consolidation.

641.26  Annual report.

641.261  Other reporting requirements.

641.27  Examination by the department.

641.28  Civil remedy.

641.281  Injunction.

641.282  Payment of judgment by health maintenance organization.

641.284  Liquidation, rehabilitation, reorganization, and conservation; exclusive methods of remedy.

641.285  Insolvency protection.

641.286  Levy upon deposit limited.

641.29  Fees.

641.30  Construction and relationship to other laws.

641.3005  Application of ch. 85-177.

641.3007  Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome for contract purposes.

641.305  Language used in contracts and advertisements; translations.

641.309  Standards for marketing to persons eligible for Medicare.

641.31  Health maintenance contracts.

641.3101  Additional contract contents.

641.31015  Health maintenance organization or exclusive provider organization; disclosure of terms and conditions of plan.

641.3102  Restrictions upon expulsion or refusal to issue or renew contract.

641.3103  Charter, bylaw provisions.

641.3104  Execution of contracts.

641.3105  Validity of noncomplying contracts.

641.3106  Construction of contracts.

641.3107  Delivery of contract.

641.31071  Preexisting conditions.

641.31072  Special enrollment periods.

641.31073  Prohibiting discrimination against individual participants and beneficiaries based on health status.

641.31074  Guaranteed renewability of coverage.

641.3108  Notice of cancellation of contract.

641.31094  Nondiscrimination of coverage for certain surgical procedures involving bones or joints.

641.31095  Coverage for mammograms.

641.31096  Requirements with respect to breast cancer and routine followup care.

641.3111  Extension of benefits.

641.315  Provider contracts.

641.3154  Organization liability; provider billing prohibited.

641.3155  Payment of claims.

641.3156  Treatment authorization; payment of claims.

641.316  Fiscal intermediary services.

641.32  Acceptable payments.

641.33  Certain words prohibited in name of organization.

641.35  Assets, liabilities, and investments.

641.36  Adoption of rules; penalty for violation.

641.365  Dividends.

641.37  Prohibited activities; penalties.

641.38  Operational health maintenance organizations; issuance of certificate.

641.385  Order to discontinue certain advertising.

641.386  Agent licensing and appointment required; exceptions.

641.39001  Soliciting or accepting new or renewal health maintenance contracts by insolvent or impaired health maintenance organization prohibited; penalty.

641.3901  Unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices prohibited.

641.3903  Unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices defined.

641.3905  General powers and duties of the department.

641.3907  Defined unfair practices; hearings, witnesses, appearances, production of books, and service of process.

641.3909  Cease and desist and penalty orders.

641.3911  Appeals from the department.

641.3913  Penalty for violation of cease and desist orders.

641.3915  Health maintenance organization anti-fraud plans and investigative units.

641.3917  Civil liability.

641.3921  Conversion on termination of eligibility.

641.3922  Conversion contracts; conditions.

641.3923  Discrimination against providers prohibited.