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October 5, 2022
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51. 627.404 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 627.404 627.404 Insurable interest; personal insurance.—(1) Any individual of legal capacity may procure or effect an insurance contract on his or her own life or body for the benefit of any person, but no person shall procure or cause to be procured or effected an insurance contract on the li

52. 732.524 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 732.524 732.524 Qualified custodians.—(1) To serve as a qualified custodian of an electronic will, a person must be:(a) Domiciled in and a resident of this state; or(b) Incorporated, organized, or have its principal place of business in this state.(2) A qualified custodian shall:(a) In the cou

53. 709.2108 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 709.2108 709.2108 When power of attorney is effective.—(1) Except as provided in this section, a power of attorney is exercisable when executed.(2) If a power of attorney executed before October 1, 2011, is conditioned on the principal’s lack of capacity and the power of attorney has not becom

54. 739.402 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 739.402 739.402 When disclaimer is barred or limited.—(1) A disclaimer is barred by a written waiver of the right to disclaim.(2) A disclaimer of an interest in property is barred if any of the following events occur before the disclaimer becomes effective:(a) The disclaimant accepts the inter

55. 332.004 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 332.004 332.004 Definitions of terms used in ss. 332.003 - 332.007 .—As used in ss. 332.003 - 332.007 , the term:(1) “Airport” means any area of land or water, or any manmade object or facility located therein, which is used, or intended for public use, for the landing and takeoff of aircraft,

56. 733.619 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 733.619 733.619 Individual liability of personal representative.—(1) Unless otherwise provided in the contract, a personal representative is not individually liable on a contract, except a contract for attorney’s fee, properly entered into as fiduciary unless the personal representative fails

57. 403.8615 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 403.8615 403.8615 Determination of capability and capacity development.—(1) The department shall require all new community water systems and new nontransient, noncommunity water systems seeking to commence operations after October 1, 1999, to demonstrate the technical, managerial, and financia

58. 601.88 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 601.88 601.88 Oversized boxes to be stamped.—(1) It is unlawful to use any field box that exceeds the total capacity of 4,900 cubic inches in the purchase, sale, or handling of oranges, grapefruit, or tangerines by a citrus fruit dealer from or for a grower, unless all field boxes exceeding th

59. 825.1025 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 825.1025 825.1025 Lewd or lascivious offenses committed upon or in the presence of an elderly person or disabled person.—(1) As used in this section, the term:(a) “Female genitals” includes the labia minora, labia majora, clitoris, vulva, hymen, and vagina.(b) “Sexual activity” means the oral,

60. 1013.35 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 1013.35 1013.35 School district educational facilities plan; definitions; preparation, adoption, and amendment; long-term work programs.—(1) DEFINITIONS.—As used in this section, the term:(a) “Adopted educational facilities plan” means the comprehensive planning document that is adopted annual

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