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21. 211.027 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 211.027 211.027 Exemptions.—The following on-shore production is not subject to any tax imposed under this part:(1) Oil or gas production used for lease operations on the lease or unit where produced.(2) Gas returned to a horizon or horizons in the field where produced, either through wells on

22. 377.10 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 377.10 377.10 Certain persons not to be employed by division.—No person in the employ of, or holding any official connection or position with any person, firm, partnership, corporation, or association of any kind, engaged in the business of buying or selling mineral leases, drilling wells in t

23. 379.2511 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 379.2511 379.2511 Lease of state-owned water bottoms for growing oysters and clams.—Effective July 1, 1988, persons wishing to lease state-owned water bottoms for the purpose of growing oysters and clams shall no longer be required to apply under the provisions of s. 379.2525 ; such leases sha

24. 1013.17 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 1013.17 1013.17 University leasing in affiliated research and development park.—A university is exempt from the requirements of s. 255.25 (3), (4), and (8) when leasing educational facilities in a research and development park with which the university is affiliated and when the Board of Gover

25. 253.47 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 253.47 253.47 Board of trustees may lease, sell, etc., bottoms of bays, lagoons, straits, etc., owned by state, for petroleum purposes.—The Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund of the state may lease for royalties or for other agreed compensation, or sell and otherwise disp

26. 253.71 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 253.71 253.71 The lease contract.—When the board has determined that the proposed lease is not incompatible with the public interest and that the applicant has demonstrated his or her capacity to perform the operations upon which the application is based, it may proceed to consummate a lease c

27. 718.122 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 718.122 718.122 Unconscionability of certain leases; rebuttable presumption.—(1) A lease pertaining to use by condominium unit owners of recreational or other common facilities, irrespective of the date on which such lease was entered into, is presumptively unconscionable if all of the followi

28. 719.112 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 719.112 719.112 Unconscionability of certain leases; rebuttable presumption.—(1) The Legislature expressly finds that many leases involving use of recreational or other common facilities by residents of cooperatives were entered into by parties wholly representative of the interests of a coope

29. 339.041 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 339.041 339.041 Factoring of revenues from leases for wireless communication facilities.—(1) The Legislature finds that efforts to increase funding for capital expenditures for the transportation system are necessary for the protection of the public safety and general welfare and for the prese

30. 83.02 f.s.
Abstract: F.S. 83.02 83.02 Certain written leases tenancies at will; duration.—Where any tenancy has been created by an instrument in writing from year to year, or quarter to quarter, or month to month, or week to week, to be determined by the periods at which the rent is payable, and the term of which tenan

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