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March 2, 2021
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1. 196.061 f.s.
Abstract: Section 196.061, Florida Statutes 2009 196.061  Rental of homestead to constitute abandonment.--The rental of an entire dwelling previously claimed to be a homestead for tax purposes shall constitute the abandonment of said dwelling as a homestead, and said abandonment shall continue until such

2. 320.061 f.s.
Abstract: Section 320.061, Florida Statutes 2009 320.061  Unlawful to alter motor vehicle registration certificates, license plates, mobile home stickers, or validation stickers or to obscure license plates; penalty.--No person shall alter the original appearance of any registration license plate, mobile

3. 121.061 f.s.
Abstract: Section 121.061, Florida Statutes 2009 121.061  Funding.-- (1)  Commencing December 1, 1970, all employers withholding contributions required of members under this chapter for purposes of providing retirement benefits and social security benefits to or on behalf of such members shall budget, se

4. 343.81 f.s.
Abstract: Section 343.81, Florida Statutes 2009 343.81  Northwest Florida Transportation Corridor Authority.-- (1)  There is created and established a body politic and corporate, an agency of the state, to be known as the Northwest Florida Transportation Corridor Authority, hereinafter referred to as "th

5. 265.2865 f.s.
Abstract: Section 265.2865, Florida Statutes 2009 265.2865  Florida Artists Hall of Fame.-- (1)  It is the intent of the Legislature to recognize and honor those persons, living or dead, who have made significant contributions to the arts in this state, either as performing artists, or practicing artists

6. 943.68 f.s.
Abstract: Section 943.68, Florida Statutes 2009 943.68  Transportation and protective services.-- (1)  The department shall provide and maintain the security of the Governor, the Governor's immediate family, and the Governor's office and mansion and the grounds thereof. (2)  The department shall employ s

7. 287.058 f.s.
Abstract: Section 287.058, Florida Statutes 2009 287.058  Contract document.-- (1)  Every procurement of contractual services in excess of the threshold amount provided in s. 287.017 for CATEGORY TWO, except for the providing of health and mental health services or drugs in the examination, diagnosis, or

8. 409.1755 f.s.
Abstract: Section 409.1755, Florida Statutes 2009 409.1755  One Church, One Child of Florida Corporation Act; creation; duties.-- (1)  SHORT TITLE.--This section may be cited as the "One Church, One Child of Florida Corporation Act." (2)  LEGISLATIVE INTENT.--The Legislature finds and declares that there

9. 337.0261 f.s.
Abstract: Section 337.0261, Florida Statutes 2009 337.0261  Construction aggregate materials.-- (1)  DEFINITIONS.--"Construction aggregate materials" means crushed stone, limestone, dolomite, limerock, shell rock, cemented coquina, sand for use as a component of mortars, concrete, bituminous mixtures, or

10. 348.0003 f.s.
Abstract: Section 348.0003, Florida Statutes 2009 348.0003  Expressway authority; formation; membership.-- (1)  Any county, or two or more contiguous counties located within a single district of the department, may, by resolution adopted by the board of county commissioners, form an expressway authority,

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