The Joint Legislative Sunset Committee was not funded in the FY 2010-11 General Appropriations Act,
and the Committee ceased operations on June 30, 2010.
The Florida Joint Legislative Sunset Committee


1. What Florida Statutes are relevant to sunset reviews?
Sections 11.901-11.920, Florida Statutes - Florida Government Accountability Act
2. What are the roles of the key players in sunset reviews?
The Legislature considers recommendation and bills of the sunset committees and votes to abolish, continue, or reorganize an agency or advisory committee under review.
Joint Sunset Committee oversees the review process, conducts public hearings, and provides technical assistance to Sunset Review Committees. Makes recommendations to the Legislature as to whether the agency or advisory board should continue, and facilitates legislative process relating to Sunset bills.
Sunset Review Committees conduct independent reviews of the agencies. Develop reports on each agency that includes findings and recommendations for continuation, consolidation, or abolishment, and file bills to implement committee recommendations.
State Agencies provide reports to the sunset committees, work with OPPAGA to provide information for agency reviews, and coordinate with the sunset committees to provide follow-up information and address committee questions.
Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA) provides primary research services as directed by the sunset committees and assists them in conducting reviews of agencies.
3. What will happen to the services provided by an agency if it is abolished?
An agency subject to review by the Legislature shall be abolished on June 30 following the date of review, unless continued by the Legislature. However, an agency may not be abolished unless the Legislature finds that all of the services for which the agency had responsibility pursuant to law have been repealed, revised, or reassigned to another agency.
4. What will happen to any debt obligation held by an agency if it is abolished?
An agency may not be abolished unless adequate provision has been made for the transfer to a successor agency of all duties and obligations relating to bonds, loans, promissory notes, lease-purchase agreements, installment sales contracts, certificates of participation, master equipment financing agreements, or any other form of indebtedness such that security therefore and the rights of bondholders or holders of other indebtedness are not impaired.